Three Phases for Weight Loss – How the HCG Diet Delivers Results in 30 days

Millions of people every single year struggle to take control of their waist lines and begin to lose weight in a permanent and sustainable fashion.  This is no surprise to many physicians and clinicians, as they are typically well aware of the many difficulties that go along with trying to lose weight effectively (and quickly).  In studies it’s clear that people who lose weight more rapidly are the ones that will more than likely succeed in doing so over the longer term.  Yet, even with this information it’s just tremendously difficult for people to maintain a high degree of weight loss for an extended period.  Your body just do not cooperate with this effort, and will actually fight against it (dropping metabolism and increasing appetite).  These factors, along with genetic traits, often make it almost impossible for people to lose weight permanently with just diet or exercise alone.

HCG Phase TransitionThe HCG diet is a method that has grown incredibly popular in recent years fueled by new research and millions of people’s success stories.  Physicians have studied this hormone for decades due to its unique benefits and results for those using it to help them lose weight effectively.  The HCG hormone is a natural byproduct of women’s monthly cycles or during pregnancy, and is used to grow solutions of the glycoprotein for use in labs by patients.  Research on this hormone has been extensive, with hundreds of studies having been conducted.  Its use for weight loss relies upon its impact on the brain’s hypothalamus gland, the area responsible for metabolism and appetite.  On average people using HCG to help them lose weight, along with the protocol as designed, would lose 20 to 30 pounds per month of use.  This is significantly more than any other known treatment method.

Three Phases of HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG diet is broken into three distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind in order to produce the best results to users.  Many people take HCG injections each day, but modern hcg diet drops are often the preferred method of choice today.  There’s many reasons for this, but the primary one is both price and availability.  Rather than needing to go to the doctor to get prescriptions for injections, a person can purchase HCG drops over the counter.  This is a lot cheaper and a lot easier for most people.  However, people do need to ensure anything they buy is the real hormone as there are many fakes or homeopathic products out there.

  1. Phase One (Loading) - The first phase of the diet is a period of two to three days where a person consumes foods high in fat and low in carbs.  This is essential to boost metabolism up and enable fat cells to expand and more easily consume lipids they have stored later in the diet.
  2. Phase Two (VLCD) - The second phase of the protocol is the bulk of the diet, lasting up to 57 days for the 700 calorie method or 43 days for the original protocol.  This period a person takes in at least 150 IUs of HCG per day.  The HCG diet is made up primarily of this phase, as it entails the primary phase where most people lose their weight.  On average, people will lose around 1 pound per day.  In addition, people need to keep on this diet throughout this phase in order to keep their metabolic rate high and control their appetite.
  3. Phase Three (Maintenance) - The Maintenance phase of the HCG diet is one of the most important.  Many times HCG users believe that the product will not result in permanent weight loss.  They believe that once HCG is removed they will revert to their original weight.  This is not true, primarily because of this phase.  This is designed around maintaining the weight that’s lost by the user indefinitely.  Studies have shown that HCG users actually will keep the weight off far longer than just by dieting or exercising alone.


The Paleo Diet – An Effective Weight Loss Solution?

There is a huge increase in “fad diets” many of which claim to offer the secret to weight loss.  It’s difficult to know which methods actually work and which ones are bogus and do not.  Millions of people struggle with obesity but few if any will ever succeed in permanently losing weight.  There are methods out there that can increase the chances of success, but they require commitment and time in order to flush them out from the rest of the claims.

There’s a new diet out there that’s been growing considerably in esteem among those looking for effective and reliable weight loss methods.  This is called the Paleo diet, and is now one of the most used weight loss methods of celebrities and researchers alike.  Many of these diets that are out htere are haphazardly constructed and don’t have any sort of sound scientific support.  This is not so with the paleo diet, which is more commonly referred to as the “caveman” diet.

How the Paleo Diet Works

Allowed Foods on Paleo DietFor millions of years the human species has eaten foods which were available through foraging and through general nomadic behaviors.  These did not change over to cultivated crops until roughly 10,000 years ago.  As a result, many of the foods we eat today are unnatural and if eaten regularly cause weight gain, decreased metabolism and difficulties beyond just these factors.  The paleo diet is a no frills approach that keeps with this traditional eating and nutrition, and allows people to burn fat quickly through several simple dietary changes.

As part of this method an individual removes grains and legumes from their diet, along with many other foods which are processed or manufactured in some way.  However, gluten itself is not something humans haven’t eaten for very long.  You switch to foods which are natural, and something we could have found in the wild.  Things like fruits, vegetables, lean meats (fish, vension, etc) and these make up your diet.  Fats come from natural sources, like olives, or avocados rather than from saturated and processed foods.  The idea behind this diet is simple: strip away the modern foods and go back to our roots.

Paleo Dieting: The Basics

At the core of this method is that you are to return to a more natural way of eating, one which your ancestors would have followed as a hunter/gatherer.  You are to remove any “inflammatory” foods from your regular diet and return to natural and unprocessed ingredients.

You can eat anything… almost!

People on the Paleo diet method actually enjoy a huge variety of foods, fruits, vegetables and meats.  However, there are some limitations as well.  This is the bad news, but there’s really not much of it.  You cannot have grains, sugar, diary, alcohol or vegetable oils.  Examples of these types of foods include: potato chips, snack bars, soda, wheat, corn, peanuts, lentils, or olive oil.  This is not to say you cannot eat olives, or something that naturally contains these things, you should just avoid the processed versions.

People who are on the paleo diet report massive weight loss, typically on the order of 10 to 12 pounds of fat loss per month.  This is far more than with any other popular method like the Jenny Craigs out there.  It’s one of the reasons it’s caught on with physicians and patients and has grown to this size.  Following this diet requires some changes, but they’re really quite easy to maintain over the long term.  Healthy foods can be delicious and the paleo diet certainly has no shortage of such foods available.


Raspberry Ketones as a Weight Loss Aid

Much research over the years has been centered around finding both natural and man-made treatments for obesity.  In the USA, this problem is reaching mammoth proportions and becoming very difficult to remedy.  A new enzyme in raspberries was found called “ketone” which has shown great promise in this area.  Recent studies have been conducted using raspberry ketone extracts to help people lose weight.  On average, people were able to shed 20 pounds of body fat per month while on this treatment protocol.  These extracts are made from the purification of these enzymes into supplement form for daily intake.

Benefits of Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones Weight LossPhysicians are recommending raspberry ketones to their patients at a brisk pace, and for good reason.  Research clearly shows that these products work and produce results in patients.  Because this is an all natural supplement, there’s very limited side effects for its use and it can typically be used by anyone.  However, this doesn’t mean that the product is ineffective, on the contrary, studies show the opposite. Raspberry ketones are one of the most powerful weight loss treatments in the world today.

Using this supplement extract has a lot of benefits beyond just weight loss.  Of course, if you are going through any weight loss method it´s important to consider both your diet and also exercising regardless of the product´s effectiveness.  However, with raspberry ketones, they cause not only weight loss in patients, but also increase metabolism and energy.  This is done naturally through the proteins released by the ketone enzyme into the body.  This makes it a lot easier for people to exercise more as well as lose weight more quickly.  They’re able to shed weight faster due to these increases in their metabolic rate when taking the ketone enzyme.  The impact of this is more caloric burn per day as well as more energy to exercise and do other weight loss positive activities.

Approved by Prominent Physicians

Doctor Oz has talked at length about raspberry ketones.  Users on his show discussed how much weight they were able to lose with this natural product and the results were very good for them as well.  Typically, people will lose 20 to 30 pounds over their first 60 days, but the results within the first week are also quite good as well (generally 5 to 7 lbs of fat loss).  These results occurred without any changes to the person’s diet.

Customer Results with Raspberry Ketones

Testimonials are not always the  best resource to go off of when selecting a weight loss treatment, however, they can often provide good insight as well.  It’s important to keep in mind that results do vary from person to person somewhat on any effective treatment.  For users of raspberry ketones, studies show an average weight loss of 4 to 5 times more using the extract than the same groups if given a placebo instead.  This clearly shows that the substance is highly effective, though not everyone will be able to lose 20 or more pounds a month while using the extract.

How Raspberry Ketones Work

There’s really no debate among researchers and scientists about if raspberry ketones work, the studies clearly show they do. It’s important to remember, however, that these things work best if accompanied by changes in diet and exercise as well.  If you change your diet while boosting your metabolism you’ll lose a lot more weight than just by boosting your metabolism alone.  Committing to a healthy diet is important to succeed even on a proven treatment like this one, since you must eventually stop using the product.  It’s important to find a source for your ketones that also supplies information on dieting and other weight loss methods.

Most people report feelings of increased energy, higher metabolisms and much greater fat burning abilities when taking these ketones.  If you also accompany this with diets and/or exercise you can expect even better results.  The ketones are able to boost people’s weight loss considerably, and do so naturally.  Results are typically rapid and sustainable over the long term.

The HCG Drops Diet Program – Losing Weight Quickly With HCG

The HCG weight loss program is something you’re probably heard of.  It was developed by a physician in the 1950s as a way to treat obesity in children and adults while he was doing work in India.  Dr. Simeons found that, compared to other methods, the use of this natural hormone offered surprisingly good results when given regularly to patients and when their diet was changed.  HCG is a natural hormone, found in women during pregnancy or during their monthly cycles.  However, if grown and purified in a lab, it can be injected into patients.  The result is that patients will experience far less hunger, and a much more rapid metabolism than could otherwise be achieved through traditional methods. Dr. Simeons found that people who used HCG lost at least 4 times more than someone just doing the diet he prescribed alone.  Patients were both extremely successful on the program and would typically lose 20 to 30 pounds of fat within a single regimen.

Losing Fat With the HCG DietLow Calorie Diets May Require Supplements

The HCG program typically recommends either a 500 or 800 calorie per day diet.  This is important to ensure that the person will lose weight rapidly as part of the program.  Dr. Simeons noticed if HCG was not taken with such a diet, the person’s metabolism would all but shut down.  However, any person going on a such a diet may need to ensure he’s getting the right levels of vitamins and minerals from other sources rather than food.  B-vitamins in particular are important to achieve weight loss in the long term.   B-12 in particular is often given along with HCG for injections because it not only helps overcome some of these deficiencies but also helps absorb HCG and increase energy.

Real HCG Drops Instead of Injections?

HCG injections have been used for decades to deliver this hormone, however, recently many people have begun using natural oral hcg drops instead.  These drops will offer the same great results, but avoid the whole daily injection side of the diet.  However, not all hcg drops are actually the real thing.  The vast majority of retailers online today are marketing their products as if it were real HCG, when in fact it’s really “homeopathic” or hormone-free.  In both cases those products do not contain any of the actual HCG hormone.  You want to ensure that any product you use is actually real hcg drops.   This isn’t often easy to find, as so many retailers have switched over to these fakes, but they are indeed out there.  Real HCG will always be alcohol-free, require refrigeration and shouldn’t last more than a few months once you get it.  It will also be a bit more expensive than these fakes that are really just vitamin supplements.

How the HCG Diet Works

The HCG diet works in a unique way, one which researchers have been unable to replicate with any other method.  This hormone sends signals to the user’s brain to boost metabolism and decrease appetite by way of the hypothalamus gland, an area of the brain responsible for appetite and metabolic functions.  Through this hormone signal the body will begin to boost its metabolism rapidly, allowing for people to lose weight quickly.  Beyond that, when a person cuts their calories as part of a diet, the treatment will result in almost no drop in metabolism, which would normally happen with a drop in caloric intake.  HCG prevents this from occurring completely in users of the hormone.

HCG works on the body in several ways.  Firstly, it is absorbed into your bloodstream directly, if taken under your tongue.  It acts on the cells of your body sending them chemical signals to release certain proteins.  Your brain detects this release and tries to burn more stored fat to compensate.  These are the same proteins released during exercise.  Secondly, your brain will reduce appetite as your body also sends signals indicating you’re “full” to your brain.  This allows individuals to lose weight even faster than they could otherwise.  These two effects together make HCG not only unique, but the most powerful treatment in the world today for obesity related illnesses.

The Top 7 Reasons People Do Not Succeed Losing Weight

It can be simple to lose weight, from a purely superficial perspective, but the reality is often much different. In order to lose weight, you have to eat the right foods, exercise and only eat healthy/non-processed foods.  However, these things are easier said than done.  So why are so many people struggling to lose weight even if they’re doing their best?  There are often problems with changing your lifestyle, your diet, and yourself.  These are never easy things to do, especially on your own.

7 Tips to Avoid Falling Back Into the Rut

1. Having Unrealistic Weight Loss Expectations.
Many people who start weight loss programs expect good results.  This can actually be reasonable, if the weight loss method is proven to achieve this level of success.  HCG or garcinia cambogia, for example, can supply rapid weight loss safely.  However, if people have too high of expectations during their weight loss they will often become disappointed with their results.  Many people have trouble losing weight just by dieting or exercising because if they hit a “wall” and stop losing weight for a brief period of time they abandon the method.

Daily Dieting Tips2. Consider Your Portion Sizes.
It’s important to check on the nutritional facts of the food you’re eating. Though you may know the specific facts for a serving, if you aren’t aware what a serving size is the packaging will inform you.  You may already be eating far more than this, and taking in 2 or 3 times as much calories/fat/carbs as what you thought.

3. The Foods You’re Selecting Are Wrong.
Even if people eat less they often feel like they cannot lose weight no matter what they try.  One of the major factors is that people are eating the wrong types of food. If you are eating lots of processed foods, even processed “diet” foods you will have poor results in general.  It’s best to only eat ‘whole’ and natural foods.  Avoid anything from a packet, tin, box or bag that’s been processed into something (usually these are loaded with salt).

4. You Don’t Exercise In the Mornings.
While it’s true that exercise can be tedious if you are tired after work and don’t want to do it.  However, if you do it in the morning, when you have more energy, not only will you do better in your job but you will also exercise more.  The only choices don’t involve gym memberships, you can exercise by jogging in the mornings or doing some light cardio work at home.  If you want to keep fit, and to keep the weight off, there are many exercises like yoga which you can do at home in the mornings.  Exercise not only increases your happiness through the relief of endorphins but also increases your ability to be productive in your job.

5. You Don’t Make Time Each Day for Exercise.
It’s hard to get into a weight loss routine that’s productive and easily stuck to.  However, it’s important to establish a routine that’s manageable. It’s possible to burn significant amounts of fat daily just by going for short 30 minutes or so walks, or even doing household chores.  Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the grocery store, parking far away from entrances to the mall are all good strategies to burn calories.

6. You Don’t Have Any Support Behind You.
Trying to lose weight on your own is almost always a bad idea.  It’s important, if you choose a weight loss method like the HCG diet or Garcinia Cambogia, that you choose a source which provides good support.  If you are dieting solo, you will almost always struggle much more than someone who has friends or family helping them as well.  If you have someone pushing you to do the right things, you’re much more likely to achieve success.

7. Snacking Between Meals
Snacking, particularly when bored, is a huge problem.  People get used to eating a lot, and it’s difficult to modify that behavior.  However, setting a cut off time for eating each day, say 7pm or 8pm, is a good standard to have to help you keep the weight off.  If you do snack, do so with low calorie fruits like apples, oranges or other “hand” food.  Ice cubes are also a good way to curb your appetite without needing to eat anything at all.

Using Black Tea to Help Increase Energy and Slim Down

Many people have probably heard of green tea, and it certainly offers a lot by way of weight loss. Not only does it take great, but it provides some awesome benefits to your health like the destruction of free radicals in your body. Yet, have you ever heard of a similar strain to green tea, colloquially referred to as “black tea”? This is the bigger brother of green tea, carrying with it all of the great benefits that its green variety provides and then some. Black tea is the same strain, but comes in dark red tea leaf form, due to a process of fermentation which increases its effects. This has been used for centuries in China, but was too expensive until the advent of large scale farming for most people to cost effectively use.

Black tea is made from the same genus of tea that green tea is, but is a dark read variety. It’s further dried beyond what is typically done for green tea, oxidized and then later fermented for up to a year. This increases the growth of powerful antioxidants within the leaves of the tea, increasing taste, aroma and vitamins. Eventually this tea is what is known as black tea. Black tea carries much of the same antioxidants found in green teas, though it loses some permanently in the process. However, it also gains some other beneficial things as well.

Black Tea – Where You’ve Probably Seen it and What it Does

Organic Black TeaPerhaps you’ve heard of Earl Grey tea? This is a form of black tea. The health benefits of using this are also really great. Beyond preventing heart disease, something that’s been noted in dozens of studies on tea drinking for the past few decades, it also helps keep arteries clear, eliminates viruses and helps your oral health. One of the biggest things tea does is help eliminate free radicals, something that’s been shown to cause almost all non-genetically linked cancers.

With heart disease, black tea can help you in several ways to lower this risk. Not only does it lower cholestorel in your arteries, but it can help clear them as well to allow better blood flow. It has also been shown to reverse some of the cellular damage that’s often cause by long term fat intake. It helps raise the levels of good types of fat, and absorbs the bad kinds.

In addition to these great health benefits drinking black tea has been shown to cut the risk of certain types of cancers, such as breast, oral, stomach or colon cancers. It’s been known for years that coffee and tea can cut down on these risks, but there’s a substance in black tea that helps considerably in this regard. There’s a compound known of TF-2 which helps block inflammation, cancer and even viruses that your body has. Black tea has a higher caffeine content than green tea, due to the fermentation process. This helps people increase energy levels, but it also helps people increase their metabolism.

Black tea has been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Specifically, breast, oral, stomach and colon cancer. This is because of the good quantity of antioxidants, in addition to a substance known as TF-2, which is a natural compound shown to block inflammation, viruses and cancer itself. This bonus to metabolism can be as large as 15% over your baseline, which can help you lose weight, and cut your risk of the host of illnesses that can come along with it.

Some Black Tea Effects to Consider

Black tea is natural, so side effects are basically non-existant. However, it does contain caffeine so should be had in some moderation. Don’t drink 8-10 cups of it a day, for example. Like all things that are good for you they work best in moderation and with care to not overdo it. Coffee is also good for you, but you shouldn’t be drinking it 24/7 and before your bedtime. Like coffee, it’s also best to drink black tea without any additives such as sugar or milk. That way you don’t get a bunch of unnecessary carbs along with all of these benefits.

Black tea is not too expensive and can be found at most places where you regularly buy your groceries. It’s growing in popularity so availability is rising as well. Just be sure to make cups of it with proper care and drink it in moderation and you should receive some pretty huge benefits, and many people find it a lot tastier than green tea.


Garcinia Cambogia – A Weight Loss Treatment for the 21st Century?

Every year, the weight loss market in the USA alone is worth over $20 billion.  This is by far the largest market for any supplement, and it’s easy to see why.  People all want to change and they all want to get healthy and lose weight. There are a lot of fad diets out there, many of which have no clinical basis for their claims.  That’s not so with a new product that’s making a lot of noise in the scene these days.  Numerous studies have verified that this extract, garcinia cambogia, actually greatly boosts metabolism in users and allows them to quickly lose weight.  Dr. Oz, on his show, actually told people about the great benefits of this product as well.  It’s right now the #1 most doctor prescribed weight loss treatment both because it’s natural and completely effective.

What is Garcinia Cambogia and How Does it Work?

Garcinia is a small fruit, which is from the citrus family.  It’s found mostly in Africa and has been used for several centuries as a natural weight loss aid. It has an extremely sour taste if eaten directly, but the extract of the product once purified is what’s used in today’s diet products.   However, naturally this fruit has many antioxidants which are found in nothing else.  One component which has proven to be extremely powerful in helping people lose weight is hydroxyctric acid.  This ingredient was found in several studies to produce rapid weight loss in patients, even without any dietary changes.

Natural HCG ExtractHydroxycitiric acid (HCA) is the primary component of these supplements which enables users to lose weight so quickly.  It has a lot of beneficial properties that are unique to only this compound.  There are two main factors that make this substance so fantastic in providing weight loss:
1. HCA is a Mood Enhancer and Increase Metabolism
There are several reasons people gain weight, but one of the largest is a large appetite and a slow metabolism.  HCA impacts this directly by boosting the body’s metabolism and decreasing appetite.  The brain may take up to 20 minutes to “inform” you that you’re full.  When you’re taking HCA this happens a lot sooner and prevents overeating.  Beyond that however, HCA boosts metabolism as the biological level.  The second major way HCG functions is to boost the person’s mood.  People feel better about themselves, more energetic, and less depressed.  Serotonin is released by the consumption of HCA, though the exact mechanism is still a mystery.
2. HCA Blocks the Absorption of Fat Into the Body
Your cells require certain biological signals in order to store fat that you take in.  These biological signals are often things like what is given off when you eat carbohydrates. Hydroxycitric acid contains compounds that inhibit the enzyme citric lyase which is what turns carbs into fat in your body. With garcinia cambogia, you will not gain as much weight even if you eat fatty or carb heavy foods as a result.  Since your body is not producing or storing these fats and carbs in your cells, you’re more free to burn off much of the stored fat you have in your body already.

Just like with any supplement, no matter how effective, it’s never enough on its own to make you thin. A proper diet plan and some exercise can significantly boost the results on garcinia cambogia.  Garcinia cambogia is highly effective, and has been shown in numerous studies to be a lot better than dieting or exercising on it own.  However, if you use all 3, in conjunction, your results will often be the best of all of these methods together.

Weight Loss From Green Tea vs White Tea

Green tea and white tea are very different, as people probably don’t know.  It’s difficult to tell them apart until you make the tea and drink it, as from the outside the leaves seem the same.  Both of these teas are popular, but for the most part everyone’s only heard about green tea in their daily life.  White tea is a more metabolically aggressive incarnation of these Chinese teas.

Both of these types of teas have benefits that are unique to themselves.  Green tea may be the most well-known, but white tea has a lot of unique antioxidants only found in that particular breed of tea plants.  Each offers unique benefits, but you also need to ensure which one you use is right for you as well.  Most people shopping for tea are only interested in green teas, both because of their wide scale marketing and price.  However, this tea is not often the best at boosting weight loss and increasing metabolism.  Another popular choice is black tea, which is cheap and plentiful due to mass marketing.

Many people get into the habit of buying the same tea they always have.  They go into the store and they find the same tea they always get on the shelves and buy it again.  if they try something new, it’s rarely a new kind of tea, rather it’s within the same familiar area they’ve always been buying products in.  It’s difficult to try new things, but can often lead to great results when you try.

The green tea habit isn’t a bad one, green tea is excellent.  It’s healthful and contains many good things for your body.  The natural green tea from China has many antioxidants and other things which are excellent and help people lose weight quickly. For example, heart health can be significantly improved by green tea drinking on a regular basis.  This makes it one of the best tea products out there.

Why Select White Tea?

White Tea BrewedAntioxidants in green tea are not at a high enough level without concentration to impact the body in a truly strong way.  While it’s true that green tea bolsters the immune system of users, it doesn’t accomplish this in a vacuum. The immune system is the body’s defense which wards off infections, viruses and bacteria.  These can cause problems for a person’s health, and green tea can help prevent that from happening.  However, it’s not the only source for these antioxidants, nor even the best out there.

Many people have probably heard of free radicals.  These are ions in the body that can cause your cells to lose electrons, and bonds, causing DNA to break and in some cases cancer to occur in the cell.  Tea has been shown in many studies to lower the risk of these free radicals and as a result, reduce cancer risk.  Green tea has also in many studies proven to help people lose weight.  It speeds up the metabolism of the user quickly and allows them to shed weight fast.  This is one of the unique benefits of drinking green tea regularly.  Tea is not only a satisfying thing to drink, and low in calories, but suppresses appetite as well.  It even has been shown in many studies to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Green tea is not the whole story, there’s also another type of tea called: White tea .  White tea also does everything above, but it does more too.  It’s heart healthy, boosts the person’s immune system, and helps fight cancer.  In the area of weight loss white tea offers some strong benefits and discourages the development of disease. Green tea and white tea are not exactly the same, but they do contain many of the same ingredients.  Both offer the same antioxidants by and large, though there are some unique to each type.

White tea is processed a lot less than green tea, which preserves more of the antioxidants in the tea.  It not only contains more of these important ingredients, they’re not lost in the processing and are available for uptake by the user.  This allows people who use white tea to lose more than their green tea counterparts when they use it for weight loss.  The higher concentrations of these chemical compounds give white tea a major health advantage of other types of tea.  White tea is unfortunately quite a bit more rare than green tea, and is a bit less likely to be mass produced.  White tea has a very short harvesting season which makes it difficult to produce.

The Top 8 Reasons to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

Whenever I lose weight, it just feels fantastic all around.  I feel like a new person, thin, handsome and far more confident.  It’s the best feeling in the world, but seemingly all good things come to an end for me.  I cannot maintain the weight I’ve lost, and I cannot achieve results that stick around in the long term.  It’s just too difficult to achieve anything on a permanent basis.

There are some major reasons I believe I fail.  Once you achieve the results you want, it’s hard to stay motivated.  I also have always failed to maintain the weight loss because I have had bad support and developed only temporary habits. The mental part of the weight loss has always been my Achilles heel.  Achieving a proper mindset can be tremendously difficult and one of the biggest things I need to fix.  These are all factors that have made major impacts on my success.

After months and months of eating everything in sight again after I lose weight, I slowly just keep going back to my clothes that fit me when I was my original size.  It’s terrible, but it happens so gradually I often don’t even see it until it’s too late.  Finding a sustainable weight loss method is absolutely critical for me, and for many people.  You cannot completely cut out something you love, like carbs or fat, and expect to be able to stick to it in the long term.  The important thing is to maintain an attitude of moderation.

One of My ExercisesWithin the last few months, I’ve changed my attitude and been able to maintain 27 lbs of weight loss I’ve accomplished since then.  It’s been a fantastic thing for me.

  1. Start Slowly – Don’t just dive into a restrictive diet and think it’ll solve all your problems.  Slowly cut calories and add in exercise 10 or so minutes per day at first.
  2. Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Single Day – It’s important to avoid weighing yourself and getting upset every day if you’re not losing as much as you expect.  Keep the big picture in mind.
  3. If you’re on a diet or weight loss regimen that needs you to count calories or protein, use a 3rd party tool or app for that to make sure you’re doing it correctly.
  4. Don’t Eliminate a Lot of Foods – It’s hard to achieve any real results if you start cutting things off, like low fat or low carb diets.  These methods are not sustainable in the long term.  Trimming certain areas, going with more natural foods and raw vegetables/fruits is a good way to begin.
  5. Be Honest With Yourself – If you break the diet you’re on and what you’re following, don’t “ignore” those calories.  Be sure to add them into your totals and keep track of them as if you had planned them all along.  Holding yourself accountable is important.
  6. Increase Exercise Gradually – Go from 10 minutes 4 days a week at the start and increase it slowly within a few weeks up to 30 minutes 4 or 5 days a week.  this is easily attainable for most people.
  7. Avoid Telling Others About Your Diet – Don’t tell others about the fact you’re trying to lose weight if you can avoid it.  This will add nothing to you progress and will just add more pressure for you as you try to meet their expectations
  8. Don’t Deprive Yourself – Don’t avoid going out to restaurants or doing things you want to do with family or friends.  However, check the restaurants you’re going to for nutritional info beforehand.  Choose something that’s better for you than a huge steak or cheeseburger, and you should be just fine.

I weigh in every morning now, to help me stay motivated.  Even if I didn’t lose weight that one day, I think about all of the total weight I’ve lost from the start and try to maintain a high level of happiness about my progress.  I eat things that I want to eat and things that are good for me.  As a result, I’m much happier and have been able to maintain my weight loss for a much longer period than I have in the past.  I try to work out early in the mornings so that there’s no excuses for it after work.  This has been the biggest help for my weight loss, but also, it’s helped me in my job as well with huge increases in energy as a result.  Working out prior to going into the office has made all the difference in the end, and I feel a lot better than before.

The Use of Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss

Green coffee has been the subject of considerable media attention in recent years as millions of people dive into taking it to help them lose weight.  There’s considerable scientific research that underpins these choices, as many studies have shown it to be highly effective in this capacity.  However, there are still many people who don’t understand how it works, and why it does so.  Why does green coffee work and regular coffee (roasted) not work?

How Does Green Coffee Work?

Coffee naturally contains several antioxidants which are only found in its natural green state.  These antioxidants are unique to green coffee and are not found in anything else.  These natural antioxidants prevent the development of free radicals in the body.  Free radicals can cause all sorts of problems, from cancer to heart disease.  In addition to that, these natural substances prevent hunger in many patients who use them, allowing them to eat less and burn off more fat.  The increases in metabolism afforded by the use of green coffee extract is not solely because of the caffeine, but instead caused by several natural substances they contain.

Do I Drink Water Too When Taking This?

A lot of people are worried about taking in water as they will put on water weight as a result.  However, this is limited and removing water weight will often be to the detriment of various other biological processes.  If people reduce their water intake below the standard 64 ounces per day recommended by doctors, they may lose some weight via water reduction, but will often slow their metabolism and cause other problems for themselves down the road.  It’s important to continue to drink lots of water even during this sort of weight loss.

Fresh Green Coffee BeansI Read that Green Coffee Has Leptin, What is it?

Leptin is a natural hormone that is given off by fat cells during starvation. This hormone sends signals to your brain that indicate your body should slow metabolism down or increase metabolism as a result of external conditions.  Obesity will often result from people who have abnormal leptin levels, or levels that tell the brain to slow metabolism and cause increased weight gain.  The Leptin naturally in green coffee has the added benefit of boosting metabolism by impacting Leptin levels in the body, and informing the brain it needs to start boosting metabolism.  This helps people lose a lot of weight, with the average weight loss being just over 20 pounds per month without any dietary changes.

How Often do you Take this Supplement?

Green coffee is designed to be taken twice per day. You’d want to take in at least 500 mg twice per day for the best results. There’s no real “overdose” of this supplement as well, and it’s completely natural. Taking one pill in the morning and one in the evening is sufficient for excellent results.

How does Green Coffee Impact Prescription Meds?

If you have been prescribed particular medicines by a doctor you’d want to check with him if there could be any potential interactions.  If you can drink coffee it’s typically ok to be taking this as a supplement as well, as it doesn’t impact anything like that.  However, since the product is 100% natural, most people shouldn’t have any problems with it.

How does it interact with diet and exercise?

Although using this supplement has proven to be extremely effective as a weight loss product on its own, the use of diets or exercise only enhances the results one achieves.  Many studies have demonstrated that adding even moderate exercise can boost the results a person experiences considerably.  Many people will lose weight and increase energy naturally with the use of this supplement.  This is one of the major reasons it’s such a popular and effective weight loss treatment.  A moderate exercise regimen you can add to taking this supplement would be something like 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, or weight training several times per week.